Hydrostatic Testing


Want to hone in your macros? Want to know exactly what you weigh, what your solid mass is versus your fat mass? Well then the UofL Fitness Evaluation http://louisville.edu/education/departments/hss/fitness has the test for you. For the low cost of $40, they will dunk you under water, and put your information into some nifty little grids that spit out an approximate fat percentage versus solid mass (muscle/bone). If you want to get more technical the DEXA scan is the ultimate test, and quickly becoming the gold standard, but I have yet to find one of those without a MD note and that is affordable. If any of you Louisville friends know of one, let me know, it’s on my bucket list.

Anywho, this is my second test. My first was in August 2016 when I weighed my lowest since high school, 196. See below:


As you can see I’m a lot heavier today. In fact I’m 16.2 lbs heavier. With that being said, I’ve jumped up the fat scale from 16.47 to 20.06%. Also I need to take into account that I’ve gained 5.65 lbs of solid mass since my last weighting in August 2016. So if you take the 16.2 lbs of mass that I am heavier today, and reduce the amount of solid mass that I’ve gained, what you come up with is a 10.55 net gain of fat/water. These are only good for a few weeks, and probably would fluctuate from day-to-day depending on intake, exercise output, and so forth.

So my plan is that I’m going to re-weigh hydrostatically speaking after my Marathon in April, maybe before then if my weight starts to drop drastically.

The Fitness Eval Program also has a lot of other nifty things like a vO2 max and Lactic Threshold test, along with other cool things that geeky people like myself enjoy. I have yet to do that but maybe for my birthday sometime. Check out your local university to see what they offer. Grace and Peace.

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Day 30. A month in, time to reflect…


Well, its been 31 days since I started training. I officially ran a half marathon, actually a little over. My pace is still slow, but I feel that it is improving, slowly. It’s been 16 days since I last posted. What the heck has happened, well life happened. I got sick, and stayed sick until January 22. I finally went to the doctor, got checked out and got a script for some cough syrup. In the midst of the cold, I insulated the basement, and the kitchen floor, wow now that is real fun. With it being so snowy the week of January 14-20, I ran the elliptical for over 3 hours for the week, whew, glad that is over. Now the past two weeks have been nice and I’ve been able to run outside.

Last week the thing that stopped me from posting was just a bunch of work. I built shelves in the basement while awaiting drywall, built out the boys closet, and finally fixed my wife’s kitchen pantry. All pics to follow.IMG_1586.JPGIMG_1583.JPGIMG_1582.JPGOne thing I have made adjustments going forward from last Wednesday when I did my last MAF (maximum aerobic fitness) test, I raised my HR to 147. Using Maffetone’s methodology strictly, I would score at 142 (180-33-5=142). However I was unable to keep a decent pace a 142, and I had been training at 147 for over a year prior to this, I went ahead and re-upped my HR. It paid dividends the following day after the MAF test. Mile one dropped to 11:53. Now that is nothing to rave about but my time the day before was 13:44. However, I feel that there is something to be said for proper warm up, timing fo the run, and what I have eaten in days prior and also drank.

Today’s run I got to sport my new training vest.


Pretty awesome, right? I was able to carry some homemade electrolyte drink and liquid fuel. Overall, the past week has been good. 11 days of vacation, sleeping at night, and working all day around the house. Finally got my drywall started today:


Notice the beast under the drop cloth?


One thing I’ve learned over the past month, you have to crawl before you walk, walk before you jog, jog before you run, and grow wings before you can fly. I’m starting to feather now, and it won’t be long before I take flight.

Also going forth, I will be planning a speed day, long slow run day, and cross training day. Cheers.

Also check out this guy’s site: https://bluegrass-runner.blogspot.com Good stuff about the bluegrass.

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Day 15 Rest Day and Running Apparel


Day 15. Rest. That is about all I have to say about that.

Now for apparel. Have you ever checked the price of running apparel? I was appalled at the horrific price of running apparel found at my local shoe store. Maybe I’m out of touch, but I think for the average person, $150 for a running blazer is just a bit much. Now those of you that know me, know that I like to dress well 😉 but still between $150 for a blazer, $20 compression socks, $30 shorts, $100 pair of shoes, $50 for running shirt, plus if you run in winter you need more layers. We’ll stop there. You can see that a once cheap sport to do, now costs easily in the $300-$500 range.

Is there a better way. Maybe. The above pic is less than $100 total, . How, well I had the black athletic pants for over two years, cost $10 on mark down at Meijer; 7 pairs compression socks on amazon-$19.99 (for freaking 7 pairs!), dri skin compression pants on amazon $14.79, Tesla Men’s Thermal compression top $15.98. Total 60.76.

Things not pictured, but have to account for in my training season: Shoes-$75, face mask $10.99, gloves $15.00, Heart Rate monitor $55.00 (not needed but I geek out a little every now and then), Hot hands $10.00 (clearance at Wal-mart). Total here is $165.99.

Total between the 2 lists above is $226.75. Add in the $90+ I spent to run a marathon I’ve spent $321, and this is to run in the mid-west in the coldest part of the year.

Add an additional $56.94 for a running vest for water bottle capability so I can make my own fueling sources, and a race day outfit. My total season will cost $378.75, less than what some will spend on looking good.

Will I have fancy names on my clothes? No, but the clothing will do the job. Function over fashion. I will probably spend more on dieting than on my comp ware. So far, so fun. Have a great training week.

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Day 12/118 Training Verses



Christians who like to train, or just Christians in general when they attempt great things for God, normally appeal to Philippians 4:13; “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” It is indeed a great verse, it makes a great Tee shirt so you can broadcast your inspirational message to an unbelieving world. Taken out of context as many of us do, it can be applied to anything. With the power of Christ I can overcome the financial struggles I am enduring. Now if you are learning to be content as the apostle Paul is speaking of in the context and learning to go without for there is no dire need, then indeed you are living that verse out in context. However, that is not how we use that verse. Take my training for example. Oh Brother, you can do all things in the strength of Christ. You can run a marathon, work 50+ hours a week, you can ______(fill in the blank) with the power of Christ, if He is in you.

I think there are a couple of problems with the verse that we are speaking about in its application to our lives and the things we set out to achieve. I have dealt with the first, let us proceed to the second. Many Christians, myself included have used this as a crutch for poor training, poor planning, poor execution of a well thought out plan. We come to the starting line in a haphazard way, raising our little arms and raising our eyes to heaven we mumble out Philippians 4:13 in a mantra, that somehow the power of Christ is going to just empower you through the course (whatever that course is you are about to do).

Flippant prayers such as the one I discussed above, however humble they may appear to be, are worthless and show little regard to the work that Christ commands in us if we are going to perform well, in whatever avenue we are pursuing; i.e. career, endurance sport, finance, college, marriage, evangelism in the uttermost, church planting, pastoring, parenting, the list can go on, you fill in the blank. You don’t do any of the above without a well thought out plan, then execution of said plan.

I think a more appropriate passage comes from the same book Philippians in 3:12-21. It is a glorious passage about forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead. Press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Whatever your goal, whatever you think your purpose is, forget it. Verse 14 says it all. Just a little food for thought. However, this is not the passage of Scripture that is lying on my heart when it applies to my training. It is the 50th chapter of Isaiah. Verse 7 in particular.

7 But the Lord God helps me;

   Therefore I have not been disgraced;

therefore I have set my face like flint,

and I know that I will not be put to shame.

The best of plans are bound to fail, you will eventually get sick, get exhausted, over-trained, kids will get sick, wife will disagree with the amount of time you are training (Alisha you haven’t said a word, just using an analogy, I’ll be home in a while), financially doing events are too expensive, the list goes on.

But what I like about this verse is that your face is like flint. Ever seen flint in use before? Two years ago, the love of my life and I were able to celebrate our marriage, at that time 10 years. We went to Gatlinburg and did the artisanal loop. Great stuff, we stopped in at a little leather working studio, where the owner/shop keeper was doing flint work. He was learning to manipulate flint like the Native Americans did. He would take rocks that were shaped differently and would hit these small pieces of flint, edging out sharp edges in order to make knives, arrowheads, etc. How does this apply to my life and training?

Well I like to think of myself more highly than I should. I like to make plans that are lofty, goals that are larger than my pocketbook or time card. Some of these are good, don’t get me wrong. If I’m not going to be ambitious in life, I might as well retire now and go home. So you take your plans, you take your goals, you make dreams, then you set out to do them. And you have a face like flint. God, the Holy Spirit is that rounded rock that chips away at your rough edges, the Scripture speak into areas of your dark soul, once again, another rounded rock; you sit amongst godlier people than yourself and are inspired/challenged/troubled/humbled/sometimes angered, and once again there is that rounded rock chiseling out a piece of your rough face. You attend church, family group/community group and people get up in your grill about your ugly flint face that is fat and rounded and filled with sin and a cupcake, they too have become the chisel that makes you sharper, more like an arrowhead. Your plan doesn’t go through, just the way you want it, do you anger, do you bend, do you fold, do you re-group your focus, this too is that rounded rock chiseling out your face. What should your face look like? A sanctified image of God, that is going hard after the life that God has given you.

Also flint is hard. If rounded rocks that are harder than flint weren’t hitting together, flint would go on the same. This effects me. This encourages me. Yes my plans are lofty, my goals large, my visions grandious, but if God and the means that He has set in our lives do not come into contact with you and set themselves against you, then what the hell are you doing besides pursuing your goals. You ought to get after it. You should get after it. If you don’t then your goals were worthless, and meaningless. As a friend of mine and I talk about things in life using a weightlifter analogy; “If the bar ain’t bending, then your pretending.” Get after it!

Now before you start commenting that I’m taking this verse out of context, I will concede that I am learning about the passage, something that has I’ve been pondering. So please bear with me as I study Isaiah 50, but for now that is what I’ve got. Training, for me isn’t about having a sexy body, bustling with a six-pack and ripped veins (although that would be nice), it isn’t just so I can say I ran a marathon (ok, maybe it is partly that), but I think the main goal of my training is becoming more like Christ in my thought life, in the way that I carry myself in light of having big goals, it is the fact that I want to be a more godly parent when these 4 months are done than when I began.

Just food for thought. If you’re reading this, I pray this inspires you to the same end. Make big plans for your life, goals for yourself, and then set your face like flint.

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Day 10 of 118

Well, you can see I missed a few days posting. Day 6 was a Christian Rock concert day with my daughter and our Young Disciples at Freedom hall. I did great on my diet until midnight Saturday Night. I had only had 2 hours of sleep and I crashed eating 4 slices of extra large Tuscany Cheese and Sausage Pizza. It was worth it though, my daughter will remember these things for years to come.


We had a great time watching Skillet. Then there was Sunday, rise around 8-8:30, went straight to church for Young disciples time, then decided it was wise to come home and rest. So I got back to sleep around 11-11:30. I slept until 3:15. Went to our beloved family group, then to work for 12 hours.

Monday was a Crossfit routine. I forced myself to sleep for 5 hours before rising. I spent about 40 minutes doing mobility work. I am trying to work on hip extension and lengthen my heel cords so I can keep my heels on the ground and do a pistol. With about 10 minutes of work on the jump rope, cadence with metronome, the work out itself, and a cool down walk for about 1/2 mile, I was ready to rest. Here’s my stats:Image.png

Then there was Tuesday. I got to bed the night prior at 11, so I was able to get up at 5am. Stretch the body with some hip extension work, stretch the soul with Bible reading, fix some electrolytes and water, then it was time to do a long run. Today’s run was 1h:30min  working to keep my HR in the Aerobic zone. Which I can say is success!IMG_1536.PNG

Also I was able to get my pace down 12min:52sec which is coming down from my original MAF run.

Well now it is time to eat a steak and eggs, and get after it for the day. Grace and peace. May your training days be merry and bright!

Also, weight loss update. December 31-224.6; January 5- 215.4. Whoop, whoop!

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Day 5/118 Long Run 1h:15min


Well the Stomach bug is over, thankfully. As you can see there are ice crystals on my eye brows and all over my face mask aligned adoring upon my neck. It’s freaking cold outside, but if you’re going to run a marathon, you gotta put in the time at some point. Today’s run was not so much about speed, or distance, but about time and heart rate. My heart rate target is 142, my average was 141, SCORE!!!

However my GPS through my phone and FitBit pooped out on me shortly after mile 5. But here’s my run anyway.IMG_1489.PNG

Now for planning for Week 2. I use the battle plan from Order of Man author/founder Ryan Michler (http://www.orderofman.com). This is a secular men’s group, but I have found through trial and error that is good to read these guys, profit what you can, toss the stuff you don’t agree with. The battle plan which I am going to give a photo of below is not an hour by hour schedule, but it is an overview of my entire week, with what I want to perform in each of the days that I have. It incorporates different areas of life; Relationships, Health, Wealth/Work, Self. If you download his copy for free, which I encourage you to do, it is on an excel sheet and you can manipulate it to fit what you want it to.

So here it is


Week 1 is in the books, week two is just around the corner. How are you getting after your goals? Leave your comments and ideas to better accomplish goals below. I like to think through ideas of productivity…

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Day 4… Unexpected Rest

Well you remember that stomach bug that hit the rest of my family earlier in the week? Yeah that one, that led to multiple loads of laundry and cleaning up the living room floors quite a few times? Yep, it finally knocked me down last night about 10:30.

So I’m taking an unexpected rest day at the discretion of my wife. I will have to do my long slow run tomorrow. Have a great day!

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